Thursday, February 18, 2010

Talk about being dense.

I am currently reading a series of children's books called "The Last Apprentice" written by Joseph Delany . I was reading my book at lunch today and came across a word I had never read before. COPPICED. Any idea what it means? Neither did I. Not only a grove of trees, but I myself, can be dense. Hard to believe isn't it? Well if you didn't know what Coppiced means, it just so happens that after checking my online dictionary I have uncovered this mystery words' function. So read on and learn something new or if you already knew, something old.
also called Copse, or Thicket,
a dense grove of small trees or shrubs that have grown from suckers or sprouts rather than from seed. A coppice usually results from human woodcutting activity and may be maintained by continually cutting new growth as it reaches usable size.
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): cop·piced; cop·pic·ing
Date: 1538
transitive verb
: to cut back so as to regrow in the form of a coppice
intransitive verb
: to form a coppice; specifically of a tree : to sprout freely from the base

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